Don’t Ignore Your Garage – Get It Organized With These Brilliant Tips

1437001033hbf62It is commonplace in most households to treat the garage as a dumping yard for anything that does not fit in the house. You may not have made the move yet to get your garage organized thinking it was either very difficult or would involve an expensive makeover.

Whether you garage is small or large, you can get it easily organized and free up a lot of space in the bargain with these great tips below. You might finally be able to park that car of yours that the garage was intended for.


This is probably the easiest way to sort and store all the things in your garage. You can either buy ready-made cabinets and install them yourself. But they can cost you a fortune. Cabinets are quite easier to build than you think and give a neat and sorted look to your garage. If you don’t mind a bigger project, make them with doors as they create a visually superior effect.

Peg rails

An often neglected space in your garage is the wall. An easy DIY project to get things in your garage organized would be to fix peg rails on it. The only things you will need are long pieces of wood, some screws to fix them in place and a lot of pegs.

Pegs can be so versatile to hang a lot of things in your garage from gardening tools to home improvement tools to even your extra large hats and boots. For tools that do not have a slot for hanging, place two pegs close together to hold them in place.

Tools are the major things that clutter the garage space and are hard to find especially when you need them the most.

Peg boards

Similar to peg rails, you can use your wall space with peg boards to organize a variety of things in your garage. In fact you can make them more useful by hanging baskets and even shelves onto the pegs and store other items like paint tins and tools that cannot go on to the peg board.

Ceiling storage

It is really nice to have a lot of floor space in your garage. So a great way to clear up floor space is to use your ceiling with sliding bins for storing your things. This can also become a DIY project with some bins and railing.

Metal rack and plastic boxes

file5341332252870A simple storage solution for all your things can be a metal rack and a lot of plastic boxes. Just sort all the things by function or size and put them into the plastic boxes. Use transparent ones to easily find what’s inside or label them for easy identification.

Magnetic storage

A lot of the smaller items like drill bits and tools can be easily organized with magnetic wall storage using magnetic strips or boards. This is much better than your toolbox and can be placed over your workbench to quickly grab what you need.

Re-use and Repurpose

Reclaimed wood can be used to make simple shelves to store items in your garage. Not only is it an eco-friendly option but can prove to be easy on your pocket too. You will need some pieces for the shelf and some for the beams and the angles.

If you are looking for a zero-cost option, then you can re-purpose things in your house to sort and store things. For e.g. you can turn metal planters into hanging wall storage or even turn your worn out file cabinet into a storage bin with some new paint.

Recycling bins

You can put the large recycling bins in the house to use for your garage storage. The only other things you will need are some screws and pieces of wood. Screw in some pieces of wood that have beveled edges, used as cleats, on the wall in a vertical fashion. The bins won’t need any cleat hangers as the lip of the bins can directly sit and lock on the cleats.


A really big garage can look crammed and dingy with dark colours. You can create a sense of space by adding tiles to the walls or painting the walls with bright colours. You can even paint the steps that lead to your home inside the garage and add some interesting designs or messages to give a cheerful feel to the place.