Tribal Is The New Modern In The World Of Interior Design

Your home is a place where you unwind at the end of the day and spend time with your family. It is very important that you feel positive at home and one of the ways to achieve it is by paying attention to its interior design.

Lifestyle magazines have conditioned our minds enough to think about expensive pieces of art when it comes to interior design. But it does not have to be that way. You can just incorporate a few elements here and there in a way that will blend with the existing décor to bring about a difference. A great and unique theme to add to your home would be tribal décor.

Tribal Décor

man-1595372_960_720What differentiates any modern piece of décor from tribal ones is that the latter gives you a more personal feel as they are handcrafted. They may not be perfectly cut or stitched and smoothened to a glossy finish like their machine-made counterparts. But they can have the most intricate designs that show the ingenuity of the tribes and are made using natural materials. They reflect the culture of the people and speak of their heritage.

How to incorporate Tribal décor?

The quickest way to achieve a tribal décor for your home is to incorporate tribal artifacts. Original and hand-crafted pieces can be expensive when they are bought outside their place of origin.

Planning a trip to Africa or Europe just to buy them directly from the ethnic groups may not be a feasible idea either. The easiest way for those who would love an affordable tribal theme for their home is to apply tribal inspired designs.

Below we give you a few interesting ideas to incorporate tribal elements in your home.

Tribal artifacts

Many online stores and fair trade stores will have authentic tribal artifacts sourced from various parts of the globe. Masks can be added to the walls to get an instant tribal effect. Curios like small wooden sculptures, musical instruments can become centerpieces on your table or mantelpiece.

Hand woven trinket boxes can be used on your home’s landing strip to store your keys and other essentials. Hand woven baskets and vases can adorn corners of your rooms. Wooden wind chimes and dream catchers made of feathers can make for interesting things to hand near your windows.

As mentioned before, authentic tribal artifacts can be pricey and may not be for everyone.

Fabric with tribal prints

An affordable tribal décor involves use to tribal prints on fabrics used for throw pillows, upholstery and drapes in your home. Even rugs sporting tribal prints can give you the look without having to invest on original items.

Popular prints and patterns that you can explore are the colourful Aztec prints of Mexico or the Ikat prints from India or the Japanese Shibori prints.

Paintings and photos

Paintings and photos are another way to bring in the tribal feel into your home’s décor. I am not even talking about those intricately done pieces of art. Simple paintings of arrows or human faces can do the trick. You can even try a DIY approach with paintings and you sure can print them on to glossy paper and frame them on your walls.

Wall color

A major portion of your home’s décor is made up by the walls. Earthy tones such as browns, black and wooden tones reflect the natural set up of the tribes. You can experiment with both plain colours or patterns which may be even available as wall paper.

Decals are another option to bring in a tribal style to your walls. These are so easy to use and are available in many online stores.